The Tavistock Society once found a trilobite. This was during our hedonistic years during our 2005 Winter Olympics, held in Lichtenstein. During “Phase 1: Digging for Truffles with our chins tied to our wrists”, The Belgian made the exciting discovery. Unfortunatley due to his ‘history’ of sabotaging games of Chinese Whispers at weekly ‘boy scout’ Friday nights, rather than relay the message “Eee Gads Boys, I’ve found a Proetida from before the Late Devonian extinction”, he whispered to our secretary, “Margaret Thatcher has huge pair of Honeydews, but she never milks them”. Well - as you cam imagine – by the time this ‘find’ passed through The Secretary’s brain (vegetal) matter and out through his face-hole, into The Intern’s lungs and out through his mund, and through The Treasurer’s moth-filled pinnas and got stuck there, the garbled message which reached our Bears was “Oooh Moooosh I found a sweet pile of yam-yams, ready for the scoff pot – so who’s buying off me? You, you, you or YOU?”

Naturally the society’s vast experience of the Waddington’s game ‘Cluedo’© has made the business of ‘recrimination’ a matter of simple finger-wagging, and the “case of the mysterious missive” was solved within a matter of weeks by The Belgian (who, since then, seems to have started swanning about with a monocle and a mastiff to cut a more ‘authentic’ dash with some of his more expensive hookers – a very fey detective indeed).

And we are happy to report that the the trilobite AND the yam-yams lie safe in our security deposit box and we have been enjoying the Belgian’s Lichtenstein female ‘connections’ on the proceeds. Same time next week lads?