In the Societies’ literalism week back in 1997, we decided to concurrently drink this beverage and dance a tango (initial attempts at doing this sequentially had collapsed into dire repercussions). The matter was somewhat of a debacle, as it ended in piteous screams and stained tarmac. Unfortunately the attempt was prompted by our hearing a tango on radio three as we took a coach trip down the M6 and sensing opportunity we bade the driver halt. He naturally recoiled, we remained steadfast. As the societal members detected something akin to rancour in his manner, we immediately burst into conditions of hysteria and panic. Upon our eventual restraint, lying on the back seat, we issued an eloquent plea for compassion: “mummy”. As one kindly old lady stroked our hair and bade us “calm down”, the bus driver rather vulgarly insisted “get these wankers off the bus”. We alighted, we danced, and then the cars came.